Office Telephone Systems

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If your office is downgrading to VOIP or a Voice Over IP phone system, then it is time to upgrade your office telephone systems. Many office managers and administrators are reluctant to upgrade their telephone systems because they are afraid of the cost involved, but there are many good business VOIP phone systems that are reasonably priced. You can get voip phone integrated with your office telephone system for less than most office telephone systems combined. Business phone systems offer many advantages, such as:

- VOIP phone systems with a standard or kSU-less interface offer central control device compatibility, high-speed and outstanding reliability, along with exceptional value for money. Phonebooth is very dependable, as consumers prefer it over kSU-less and don't like downtime for their office telephone systems. All you have to get started with a VoIP system are: an internet connection, an ethernet adaptor, a high-speed broadband modem, an IP telephone set up, and a KSU-less or standard office telephone system. The following sections describe what features you can expect from a quality office telephone system with this kind of interface:

- Integrated voice-mail with professional installation - This is the main feature of many advanced VoIP office telephone systems. You can integrate your voice mail in with your web-based voice mail, which allows you to receive and send messages from your computer or your mobile device, even while you are away. Professional installation is required to accomplish this function, but the benefits are excellent. Professional installation can be as low as $100, depending on the number of lines and features you need and how far away you are from the office.

- All-in-one PBX phone systems with different types of lines - The most popular office telephone systems offer integrated voice-mail with professional installation. However, there are also other all-in-one PBX phone systems that can offer different types of lines with different rates. These can include cordless phones, which are similar to cordless phones used in homes, small-to-medium sized phones that can be placed anywhere in the building, business phones with up to 500 lines, virtual phone systems, etc.

- Call routing with advanced features - Advanced call routing features allow you to route calls based on caller characteristics, such as duration of call, number of rings, location, etc. Most businesses use this feature to automatically place calls to employees during busy times and to schedule calls that are commonly missed. Advanced call routing with KSU-less and standard offices also offers the option to place multiple calls to one number, regardless of where in the building the call is being placed. This makes multi-line or multiple-line calls extremely useful. Business phone service plans typically offer call routing for several different lines at a time.

With ip pbx kenya office telephone systems, you are able to forward or return calls to extensions or to individual phones by dialing a single number. The majority of hosted VoIP phone service plans also provide a virtual phone number that can be added to an existing system and used in place of a business number. For businesses, hosted VoIP phone service can replace conventional business lines and provide the ability to reduce expenses and increase productivity. Alternatively, it can replace and enhance current phones. Business phone service plans also give users additional capabilities and options that may not be available with traditional phone systems.

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